Over-the-Counter (OTC) Trading

Get direct access to OTC liquidity and crypto-transaction solutions. Enjoy convenient services and trade execution management anywhere in Africa.


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Major trading access

Major trading access

At any given time, our OTC team stationed throughout Africa is ready to receive your order and oversee the execution of your trades.

Global coverage

Global coverage

You have the flexibility to trade bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies that align with your requirements, thanks to the diverse selection of fiat currencies we offer.

Deep liquidity pools

Deep liquidity pools

Our rates for crypto trading and slippage are highly competitive.


Start trading in three simple steps at our OTC desk

Step 1

Before we set up an OTC desk for you please fill in this form


Step 2

To establish your desk and raise your trading limit, please upload and submit the necessary documents.

Step 3

Initiate the execution of your orders by connecting with our team of skilled traders.



Which trading pairs/assets are presently available for trading?

Trading is available for USDT, BTC, and Ethereum against 13 African currencies (including NGN, ZAR, GHS, BWP). To obtain further information, kindly contact us.

What are the OTC trading limits?

Although we may evaluate smaller volumes in specific regions, our OTC desk enforces a minimum trade amount of $10,000.

What are the requirements to trade OTC?

In order to trade with us, you must undergo the onboarding process by submitting your KYC documents or third-party documents and signing all necessary legal agreements. After completing the onboarding, all trades will be executed through Whatsapp.